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(verse 1)
In the land of eternal snow
Where white roses grow
We learn secrets of the well
Things we never share or tell

(verse 2)
Soon they will learn the price
For my hatred burns like ice
The sentence for my crime
ENCHANTED EXILE for all time

So I bid farewell to Zantropas, never more will I wander it’s halls of glass
And my people they who did betray… I will find a way to make them pay

They may be dark… but I am darker
They may be cold… but I am winter

(verse 3)
Banished to the fringe
Where I become unhinged
I find myself drawn to the east
Where thunder roars like a beast

I hear whispers of what legends tell, of a relic hidden oh so well
They say a man has found a golden crown… with such power I could raze them to the ground

(vocal interlude 1)
Hate (HATE), all I feel is hate
Curse the book of fate
Musing on what they took from me
Mine (MINE), power will be mine
Corrupt the pure divine
And in the end they’ll beg for mercy

(vocal interlude 2)
Paid (PAID), a hefty price was paid
On scales my soul was weighed
They said my heart was black as pitch so
Burn (BURN), I will see them burn
Each will have their turn (BURN)
And in the sky my wicked laughter


from Never After, released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Enchanted Exile Massachusetts

Classic HEAVY METAL, hand crafted using only the finest blood, sweat and guitars. \,,X,,/

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