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A tribute to "A Song of Ice and Fire"


(verse 1)
Who was he, the man I was to be?
No lion of the rock, was ever cast like me
Vows profess, while seven oils bless
The devil he may care, but I couldn’t less

(bridge 1)
And so an oath is shattered by the madness of a king
And I’m stained by my finest act, while ice and fire sing

Oathbreaker… Kingslayer…

(verse 2)
No more lies, nothing to disguise
The she-wolf came with questions, burning in her eyes
Against my core, to her an oath I swore
Though as I rose, my bucket spilled my honor on the floor

(bridge 2)
And so to mend was once was cleaved I felt the bitter sting
And I clench this phantom fist of mine, while ice and fire sing

"So many vows they make you swear. Defend the king and keep his secrets. But honor thy father and defend the weak. No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or another.”

~ Tim Krikorian piano concerto no.1 in Db ~

"There are no men like me… there’s only me."

(verse 3)
All men die, the Stranger doesn’t lie
But what will they remember, when I’ve spent my final sigh
Dark wings above, the raven or the dove
Forever sullied by the stains, of things I did for love

(chorus x4)
Vow Taker… Kingslayer…
Forsaker… Kingslayer…
Wroth Waker… Kingslayer…
Oathbreaker… Kingslayer…


from Never After, released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Enchanted Exile Massachusetts

Classic HEAVY METAL, hand crafted using only the finest blood, sweat and guitars. \,,X,,/

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