Through Ravens Eyes

from by Enchanted Exile



(verse 1)
My thought and my memory, show me all that you have seen
As you flew above this world of ice, tell me where it is you’ve been
Hugin, Munin, on wings as black as coal
Show me, speak to me of thing that I don’t yet know

(bridge 1)
The future will be revealed to me
Through raven’s eyes I see

When the winter falls over summer’s veil
On the ship made out of dead men’s nails
When the cockerel crows at the setting sun
And the giants march on one by one
When the life tree withers and the dragon knocks
Shall come the twilight of the Gods, its Ragnarök

(verse 2)
In Midgard far below us where the mortals play
The valkyries shall choose the ones, who made their mark this day

(bridge 2)
The fallen brave will dine with me
Through raven’s eyes I see


(interlude spoken)
What would I give to know… the unknown


from Never After, released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Enchanted Exile Massachusetts

Classic HEAVY METAL, hand crafted using only the finest blood, sweat and guitars. \,,X,,/

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