White Knight

from by Enchanted Exile



For Christine


(verse 1)
Legend tells of a girl so beautiful
Eyes like emeralds and hair of flame
Stolen late one night, locked so far away
She became a pawn, in an age-old game

(chorus 1)
So who will save you?
There's no white knight coming
You're a princess in a tower
Shame there's no white knight on his way

(verse 2)
Everyday she waited for her rescuer
A hero in white, at last she would be saved
But as time slipped by, she began to wonder
What if her prince never came, would this place be her grave?

Oh what a fool I've been… in this prison I won't stay
I refuse to die here, I won't wait another day
Only I hold the parchment… only I hold the quill
The waters rage within me, where once they were still

(verse 3)
Legend says that this girl so beautiful
Rewrote her destiny, never was she the same
And from that day forth, clad in armor of white
Fires burned within her, the wicked feared her name

(chorus 2) (x2)
So who will save you?
From the white knight coming
You're a traitor and a coward
Tremble for the white knight’s on her way

Pray for the white knight is on her way...


from Never After, released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Enchanted Exile Massachusetts

Classic HEAVY METAL, hand crafted using only the finest blood, sweat and guitars. \,,X,,/

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